Shimano XTR SPD Pedal Review

Shimano has long been a class leader in the bicycle industry so it is no surprise that these Shimano XTR bike pedals are good. We’re going to review the top of the category from Shimano, the Shimano XTR Mountain bike pedal.

The first thing I noted when I took a look at these Shimano XTR bike pedals is that they are not particularly lightweight, especially considering these are billed as a racing pedal. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t exactly a pig of a pedal but at 327 grams they are not the lightest offering in the bunch. To me personally, that’s just fine. I beat the snot out of my equipment and I’d rather sacrifice a touch of weight to get a pedal that is strong like bull and the Shimano XTR is just that.

A hallmark of a quality mountain pedal is not only how strong it is, not how durable it is but also how functional it is. A key requirement for a good mountain bike pedal is the ability to shed mud and the latest incarnation from Shimano does a great job of that. Considering the design I would have to say it isn’t quite as good as something like a Crank Brothers Eggbeater when it comes to shedding mud but it does a good job of it.

While the Shimano XTR mountain bike pedal may not shed mud as well as some of the others, what it does offer is hands down, industry-leading entry/exit manners and these pedals are a breeze to clip in or out of and that is extremely comforting to most mountain bike riders. Hands down the Shimano XTR beats Crank Brothers or Time and even Look pedals when it comes to getting in and out. It works like a breeze.

So let’s recap what the Shimano XTR pedal has to offer, extremely durable and hardcore pedal that will probably work even when sunk in a bog or subjected to rock strike after rock strike. It’s a great looking pedal that looks good, works great and is guaranteed to last a long time…what exactly more could you look for in a mountain bike pedal.

If you are like me and you expect your gear to work when you need it to work, then the Shimano XTR SPD mountain bike pedal is the one for you. Hands down.

MSRP: $199.99
Weight: 327g
Colors: Blue or Gray
Float: 5 degrees
Alloy: Cromoly/alloy steel

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